The Introspectionist accepts unsolicited article ideas and pitches from freelance writers. Please read our editorial calendar and include the edition and theme for which your article idea would apply.

Please do not submit completed articles, we will return them unread.

We will respond as quickly as we can. But please allow two to three months for a response. We are a small magazine and have a lot to read.

What We Are Looking For

Every month The Introspectionist chooses a theme and does a deep analysis of that theme. We try to look at a given theme from all angles and examine it in a detail that cannot be met with a single article. Therefore, we are always looking for unique angles on any of our themes. Please read our editorial calendar and if you have an interesting idea to share on any of our themes, do not hesitate to share it with us.

Stylistically, we publish several types of articles. We look for articles that both tell a story and inform. We publish persuasive essays, creative non-fiction, and in-depth informational pieces. We also publish one piece of short fiction and one poem every month which relate directly to the theme of that issue.

We accept shorter submissions for our featured departments. The departments contain articles from 100 to 500 words and can vary in style from informative to entertaining but must be stimulating and relate to the central theme.

The Introspectionist publishes more intelligent and in-depth articles than your average woman's magazine. We expect thought-provoking insites, uniquely informative pieces, and above all else, for you to show your work. Every article should have footnotes and links to where the reader can find more information. Reference peer reviewed articles from journals, books, and other high quality material.

How to Contact Us

We accept submissions at We do not accept submissions through any postal service. Acceptable document formats are: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .odt, .wpd, .wps.

Article Length

Each month we publish articles ranging in length from 100 words up to 5,000 words. Our average article will range in length from 1000 - 2000 words.


For a department piece (from 100 to 500 words), we pay $25. For a feature article up to 2000 words, we pay $100. For a feature article up to 5000 words, we pay $200. Short fiction pieces pay $25. Poems pay $25. Each contributor will receive a photograph and short bio in that issue.

Illustrations and Photographs

We are always looking for new illustrators and photographers to work with. Our articles and magazines are based on ideas, so we often commission illustrations and photographs with an eye to expressing an abstract concept or illustrating a particular visual, rather than a photograph of a specific subject. We look for people of various styles to appropriately represent the theme of an issue.

As an electronic magazine, we are looking for photographs and artwork to be displayed on electronic screens of varying sizes. As such, we look for pieces that will look good on multiple screen sizes.


Payment is $25 for a cover piece and $15 for other pieces. Additionally, all artists and photographers will receive a short bio and photograph in the issue.

How to Contact Us

We accept submissions at We do not accept submissions through any postal service. Acceptable document formats are: .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, .png, .psd, .ai.

Guest Bloggers and Blog Posts

We look for guest bloggers for a two month series of blog posts, publishing 1 to 3 blog posts per week. Topics can be as broad or as narrow as you want, but must be of specific interest to women and fit into the general overall feel of the The Introspectionist. The guest blogger positions are paid positions. If you would like to be a guest blogger for The Introspectionist, please submit a brief description of your topic idea, including several specific post ideas, and two blog posts as examples of your writing style. You can submit your ideas to

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